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Museum experiences for a full 48 hours

The National Museum of Finland will close its doors on 16 October for the duration of the museum’s renovation and expansion project. Before this, the National Museum would like to invite everyone for a visit one more time.

The National Museum of Finland 48H is a marathon of experiences lasting for the whole final weekend, filled with events, exhibitions, adventures and partying.

Jump into a museum hype lasting for a full 48 hours, offering events and activities for all the city residents. Arrive in the morning, hang out during the day, enjoy the dusk and spend your night under the archways.

Whether you are just stopping by or staying for the full weekend, our doors are open. Come and step in.

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Museum experiences for a full 48 hours

During the 48-hour museum experience you can tour the shadowy exhibition halls, visit a silent disco, build a museum of your dreams with Legos or go sauna bathing in the museum’s garden, among many other activities. In the museum restaurant, you can enjoy a brunch early in the morning or eat a dinner inspired by the museum menu. The museum shop will also be open for the full 48 hours.

The National Museum of Finland will also offer special programme for children during the weekend. The “Playtime” for children will be open for the whole weekend and filled with fun activities.

The National Museum's exhibitions – Prehistory, Otherland, the Story of Finland and Vyshyvanka and the Power of Ukrainian Craftsmanship – can be experienced throughout the event weekend free of charge.

More information about the farewell event and the weekend’s schedule is available here (only in Finnish).