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Welcome to Seurasaari

Seurasaari Open-Air Museum is located on the Seurasaari island. The island is owned by the city of Helsinki and it is a public outdoor park for everyone. On the island you can spend time in the calm nature, rest on the cliffs and, during summertime, enjoy the island's beaches. The Open-Air Museum comprises of historical buildings relocated to the island from various places in Finland. In the Open-Air Museum you will get the opportunity to immerse yourself in the life of Finnish people during previous centuries. The cafés and restaurant are open during the summer season daily and in the winter on the weekends.

Admission to the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum

The island is a public park owned by the city and is free to enter all year round.

The Seurasaari Open-Air Museum requires an admission ticket, which you can buy from either the ticket booth by the bridge or the museum shop at the Iisalmi parsonage. The museum is open during the summer season yearly from the 15th May until 15th September. The museum's opening times and ticket prices.


Seurasaari is an outdoor park, which you can access on foot via a bridge from Seurasaarentie. Bicycles, scooters and other motor vehicles are prohibited on the island.

The bus 24 from the city centre stops at Seurasaari.

City-bikes: Seurasaari 91

There is a small parking lot next to the bridge. The time limit for parking is four hours.

Buses can be parked along the Tamminiementie road.

Bikes can be left by the bridge next to the parking lot.

Guided tours and services

You can explore the museum independently or book a guided tour in advance.

Book a guided tour for yourself, your family, friends or other group. Read more about our guided tours here.


Bookings: seurasaari@kansallismuseo.fi / p. 0295 33 6912

  • Seurasaari-introduction, 15-20 min 40 € / group + admission per person
  • Guided tour, 45-60 min, 70 € / group + admission per person
  • Guided tour for a school group 40 € / class, including admission
  • A guided tour outside opening hours: 170 € + admission per person

Download a map of the museum area in English here.

Eat and drink

Seurasaari is a popular picnic destination. You may eat you own food on the island. Please make sure to clean up after yourself.

There is a public, free to use grill on the island. Firewood for the grill is provided by the city of Helsinki. However, make sure to bring matches and take care of fire safety! All other grills apart from this grill are forbidden on the island. Please do not bring your own grill to the island.

When forest fire warning is in force, all grilling is forbidden.

Within the museum area it is possible to enjoy snacks in the gardens of Iisalmi parsonge and Kahiluoto manor house. The outdoor park does not include covered picnic areas, but next to the grill there is a small cottage.

The Open-Air Museum's Antin kaffeliiteri café has the same opening hours as the museum. In addition, there is another café called Kahvihuone Mieritz. The restaurant is closed until further notice.


On the western side of the island you can find a public beach.


There are public toilets on the island, located next to the bridge in the northern side and another near the festive area towards the centre of the island. The museum has no public toilets.


The island has pathways that are accessible on foot, with a pram or a wheel-chair.

The Open-Air Museum is unfortunately only partly accessible. The buildings might include high doorsteps and stairs. The Iisalmi parsonage and museum shop are accessible with a lift. For more information regarding accessibility please contact our museum.


The wild animals on the island are used to people. The southern beach is a protected area for birds who feed there. It is prohibited to feed animals within the museum area.

Any pets must be kept on a lead. Guide dogs are allowed in our museum. Other pets have to be kept outside the museum.

Safe premises and safe space

Seurasaari Open-Air Museum aims to provide a physically and mentally safe place for our museum visitors and staff during both regular and unprecedented times.