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The World That Wasn’t There -events

Guided exhibition tours open to the general public offer an opportunity to explore the captivating exhibition with a museum guide. Advance registration is not required. Guided exhibition tours in English: 1:30 p.m.,19 January, 16 February and 15 March.

Open event: Dia de Muertos – Day of the Dead
2 November
The Day of the Dead is a vibrant reunion festival celebrated particularly in Mexico, and today also elsewhere around the world. On the Day of the Dead, the relatives and loved ones who have passed away are remembered and their souls are welcomed to rejoin the living for celebration and enjoyment. The Day of the Dead celebrations include a memorial table set for the deceased, decorated with flowers, candles, food, and the favourite objects of the deceased.

Tastes from the World that Wasn’t There! At the Karhunpesä restaurant,
starting 2 November

Experience the tastes of the World that Wasn’t There! The National Museum’s restaurant together with the finest cooks from Central and South American countries invite you to our unique series of brunches. Each visiting cook will curate an exclusive menu, drawing from the traditions of their own culture. Enjoy tastes from the plains of Mexico and from the peaks of the Andes!

Winter holiday (February)
Museum programme including adventures in the footsteps of explorers as well as digging into The World that Wasn’t There exhibition and into ancient cultures.