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The Pious and the Pagans – Portrayals of Humanity

28.4.2017 - 17.12.2017

What happens when the Middle Ages meet contemporary art? The unique medieval wooden sculptures from the collections of the National Museum of Finland will be showcased in Häme Castle alongside works by three contemporary sculptors, which combine the traditional art of woodcarving with the artists' own interpretations of humanity.

The medieval works gain new meaning when compared to the contemporary sculptures – and vice versa.  Some of the works are on display for the first time, while others are entirely new works made for this exhibition.

Mia Hamari, Maija Helasvuo and Tapani Kokko are sculptors who use wood as the material for their unique art that draws from tradition. The portrayal of humanity is also important to each of them.

In addition to being made of wood, the medieval sculptures and works by contemporary artists are connected by expert craftsmanship and age-old human themes: love, birth, motherhood, suffering, death, loss, grief, transience, power and strength. Some of the points of convergence in the contemporary works were consciously chosen by the artist, while others are unconscious.

The exhibition brings wood sculptures, time and the viewer together, providing a unique experience. The medieval sculptures and contemporary works engage in dialogue: both can be seen to embody holiness as well as secular and age-old humanity. What do you see?

Pakanakirkko in the castle’s courtyard
Pakanakirkko (Pagan Church) is a sculpture made by Tapani Kokko for the exhibition, displayed in the castle’s courtyard.

A publication related to the exhibition is available in Finnish: The Pious and the Pagans – Portrayals of Humanity. The publication is on sale at the Häme Castle Museum Shop.

Guided tours in The Pious and the Pagans exhibition:

June 1 to June 30 guided tours every day:
at 13.00 in Finnish

July 1 to August 14 guided tours every day
at 13.00 in Finnish
at 15.00 in English

The tour takes about 45 minutes. The tour begins in the Exhibition hall in the Castle´s 2. floor. Guided tours include to the Häme Castle´s entry fee´s price 9 / 4,50 €. No pre-booking. Not for groups.

Guided tours for groups to Pious and the Pagans exhibition:
•Groups can book a guided tour to Pious and the Pagans exhibition in advance. The price: 70 € + entry fees 9 / 7 / 4,50 €
•Guided tours for school groups 25 € + entry fees for school groups 3 €

Bookings: Tel. +358 295 33 6932, hameenlinna@kansallismuseo.fi

Mia Hamari: Hurtta, Hysteria

Mummo itse kolmantena (iso tiedosto)
Maija Helasvuo: Mummo itse kolmantena

Puumorsian ETU Jussi Tiainen
Tapani Kokko: Puumorsian

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