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Guided Tours

Guided tours in English

  • in May Sat-Sun at 3 pm
  • in June Wed-Sun at 3 pm
  • in July Wed-Sun at 3 pm
  • in August Wed-Sun at 3 pm
  • in September Wed-Sun at 3 pm

There can be changes in the timetable of the public guided tours because of the booked guided tours for groups.

Guided tours for groups

In Hvitträsk booked guided tours are designed together with the client to suit the needs of the visitor group. The tours can be requested for both the permanent and temporary exhibitions. Guided tours can be booked in Finnish, Swedish, English and German.

We recommend a maximum visitor group size of 40 - 50 persons. Children's tours can consist of 25 school children or 20 day-care children at the most. For groups larger than 50 persons, you will need to book two guides.

Hvitträskin Pohjoispääty

Guide bookings
By telephone +358 295 33 6952 Wednesday - Friday 11 am - 5 pm or by e-mail: hvittrask@kansallismuseo.fi