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Finno-ugric heritage

The linguistic and cultural heritage of the Finno-Ugric peoples in museums

The Finnish Cultural Foundation is providing the funding of over 400 000 € to support peoples speaking Finno-Ugric languages related to Finnish in preserving their language and culture.

The Museum of Cultures has cooperated since 2007 with museums of Finno-Ugric regions in Russia, namely The National Museum of Mari, The S.D. Erzia Mordovian Art Museum, The Mordovian Museum of Local History and Culture, and The Udmurtian National Museum. The purpose of the project is to further national identity through the museums. The focus is on the young urban Mari, Udmurts and Mordvins living in a Russian speaking environment. Teaching of multicultural and national heritage in the museum is supported by organizing seminars, a pilot project on teaching of cultural heritage and a joint travelling exhibition.

The travelling exhibition called The Finno-Ugric Triptych was opened in October 2009 at The Udmurtian National Museum in Izhevsk. A multilingual publication of the same name will be put forth in connection with the exhibition. There will also be a website for the Finno-Ugric museums in Russia designed by The National Museum of Mari.

Virtual and travelling exhibitions will be organized in cooperation with the Siberian museums to acquaint the Khanty and Mansi people, also Finno-Ugric linguistic minorities, with the expeditions of Finnish researchers in their area.