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The task of the Conservation Laboratory is to preserve artefacts of cultural heritage. This includes conserving and preventing damage to collection artefacts by supervising storage and exhibition conditions and distributing information about the appropriate handling of the objects. The Conservation Laboratory participates in assembling and dismantling exhibitions as well as the transport of artefacts, with a particular emphasis on artefact safety. Conservation also examines the object in terms of its material, how it was manufactured and any damage that has occurred to it. The condition of the object and any actions to it will be documented.

As the central conservation institution of archaeological material, the Conservation Laboratory has the responsibility for most of the objects found in diggings managed by the National Board of Antiquities.

The Conservation Laboratory works jointly in cooperation with various research institutes, universities, universities of applied sciences and museums in research and teaching.

The laboratory gives advice in questions relating to conservation and, where possible, provides conservation work to communities and the public against a fee.

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The building of the Conservation Laboratory. Photo: Jouni Marjamäki (2003)

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