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National Museum temporary exhibitions

Coming soon:
Come to Finland - Tourism poster exhibition,
17.2. -28.5.2017
Finland 100 Years, photography exhibition, 16 June - 31 December 2017
The Arctic Spirit, 3 March – 31 December 2017


Come to Finland

17.2. -28.5.2017

Come to Finland – Paradise Calling exhibition, opening at the National Museum of Finland on 17 February, shows how Finland was marketed abroad before and after the country was declared independent. Travel posters and slogans painted a picture of a paradise where one could experience the fascination of untouched nature while also getting to know the progressive, international, and open Finnish society.

Posters were the means for getting the message around the world, much like the Internet is today. Adventurous European and American tourists were invited to try something different and incredible in the Northern country through beautiful pictures and tempting slogans.

In addition to famous artists, Come to Finland exhibition presents works by lesser known poster artists and their contribution in really putting Finland on the map. Travel-related artefacts and souvenirs from the collections of the National Museum have been showcased alongside the posters. Perhaps they can remind us ever so slightly about an event or place we once heard of or visited?

Approximately 100 vintage posters are presented, all of which are authentic first editions. In addition, posters created by modern day graphic and other artists for the purposes of the exhibition are also presented; images of how they see and feel the Finland of today. An open poster competition is also related to the exhibition: the best works are showcased.

Come to Finland exhibition opens the Finland 100 jubilee year for the National Museum. Throughout the year, exhibitions will be centred around the theme of Finnishness and Finnish history from new and sometimes surprising perspectives.

We would like to thank Come to Finland for their co-operation.

KM arktisenhenkiENG

The Arctic Spirit

3 March – 31 December 2017, in the pop-up facility of the National Museum of Finland

The exhibition, opened in March, reflects the continuity and change of the cultures and life situations of Arctic indigenous peoples. The exhibition presents a collection of modern artists representing the Arctic peoples, focusing and commenting on both traditional and modern topics.

Artefacts from the old collections of the Museum of Cultures (Alaska, Greenland) are also showcased alongside works of art. The Arctic Spirit guides people to take an interest in big questions, such as the changes in nature and life situations. Since the 19th century, external circumstances have accelerated the changes in the ways of life and cultures of people in the Arctic, and today, climate change is also rapidly changing the environment. The melting of glaciers and permafrost affect not only the Arctic regions, but also the entire globe.

The exhibition is open in the pop-up facility of the National Museum of Finland from 3 March to 31 December 2017.