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National Museum temporary exhibitions

The Public and the Hidden Finland, 16 June - 14 January 2018

The Arctic Spirit, 3 March – 31 December 2017
KALEVALA Jewelry, 21 September–21 October 2017

KM julkinen  927x348px eng

The Public and the Hidden Finland

16 June - 14 January 2018

The exhibition celebrates the 100 years of Finland by portraying around one hundred pictures from the National Board of Antiquities’ spectacular picture collection of over 15 million pictures. The pictures chosen for the exhibition portray the era of independence of Finland, and they either have not been exhibited earlier or have national importance. The pictures illustrate Finland's journey as it becomes a land of equality, wellbeing and togetherness.

The exhibition is built around six themes. The themes are education, war, race, equality and democracy, nature relationship and communality. Behind each theme’s success story lies some phenomena that we might have wanted to forget or hide. Therefore, the exhibition challenges us to discuss our history and the transparency of our times.

Besides, the exhibition portrays a picture installation of modern day Finland, in which everyone can take part in by uploading a picture in Instagram with the hashtag #Finland2117.

KM arktisenhenkiENG

The Arctic Spirit

3 March – 31 December 2017, in the pop-up facility of the National Museum of Finland

The exhibition, opened in March, reflects the continuity and change of the cultures and life situations of Arctic indigenous peoples. The exhibition presents a collection of modern artists representing the Arctic peoples, focusing and commenting on both traditional and modern topics.

Artefacts from the old collections of the Museum of Cultures (Alaska, Greenland) are also showcased alongside works of art. The Arctic Spirit guides people to take an interest in big questions, such as the changes in nature and life situations. Since the 19th century, external circumstances have accelerated the changes in the ways of life and cultures of people in the Arctic, and today, climate change is also rapidly changing the environment. The melting of glaciers and permafrost affect not only the Arctic regions, but also the entire globe.

The exhibition is open in the pop-up facility of the National Museum of Finland from 3 March to 31 December 2017.

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KALEVALA Jewelry 21 September–21 October 2017, pop up -space

Finland’s centennial is special to the country’s best known jewellery company, Kalevala Jewelry, which turns 80 years old this year. The celebratory exhibition at the National Museum presents over 200 pieces of jewellery from eight decades. A virtual experience allows you to see the jewellery being crafted at Kalevala Koru’s factory, and you can even try out your goldsmith’s skills.

The National Museum of Finland has a long-standing cooperation relationship with Kalevala Jewelry; the new Prehistory exhibition at the National Museum showcases many unique archaeological artefacts which have inspired several of Kalevala Jewelry’s lines.

The BRAVE. CURRENT. GENUINE. – 80 Years of Finland’s Most Beloved Jewelry exhibition, open at the National Museum of Finland from 22 September to 22 October 2017, is part of the programme of Finland’s centennial.