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National Museum temporary exhibitions

The Public and the Hidden Finland, 16 June - 14 January 2018
Studio Aleppo [Helsinki] 10.–17.8.2017
The Arctic Spirit, 3 March – 31 December 2017
Inspiration is here! 12 May - 27 August

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The Public and the Hidden Finland

16 June - 14 January 2018

The exhibition celebrates the 100 years of Finland by portraying around one hundred pictures from the National Board of Antiquities’ spectacular picture collection of over 15 million pictures. The pictures chosen for the exhibition portray the era of independence of Finland, and they either have not been exhibited earlier or have national importance. The pictures illustrate Finland's journey as it becomes a land of equality, wellbeing and togetherness.

The exhibition is built around six themes. The themes are education, war, race, equality and democracy, nature relationship and communality. Behind each theme’s success story lies some phenomena that we might have wanted to forget or hide. Therefore, the exhibition challenges us to discuss our history and the transparency of our times.

Besides, the exhibition portrays a picture installation of modern day Finland, in which everyone can take part in by uploading a picture in Instagram with the hashtag #Finland2117.


Studio Aleppo [Helsinki]                                                                                


The discussion on immigrants often focuses on statistics, nationalities and news streams about global catastrophes. But who are the actual people behind the generalisations? And what are Finns like?

The National Museum of Finland’s Studio Aleppo [Helsinki] is part of an international series of events, the goal of which is to strengthen the importance of empathy and equality in the discussion concerning immigration.

Studio Aleppo [Helsinki] is a pop up photography studio that brings together new and old citizens of Finland. The concept is simple: as a local, you pay €50 for two portraits. One of the portraits is for you, while the other is donated to an immigrant. The portraits will then be displayed side by side in an exhibition at the National Museum of Finland, after which they will also be added to an online gallery. Each portrait is a symbolic gesture, a declaration of intent for creating a new, equal future for all.

The portraits will be taken in the pop up studio by award-winning photographer Juuso Westerlund. Each participant can have their portrait taken individually or with their family (max. 4 persons), loved one, friends or children. The persons photographed will also be asked to participate in a short interview. By having their portrait taken, participants agree to have their portraits displayed in the exhibition and in the online gallery to be published later, which will also include interview comments from participants. Participants will also receive a copy of their portrait.

The registration for the Studio Aleppo [Helsinki] pop up studio is now ended. All registered participants will receive confirmations of their participation via e-mail at the latest on Friday 21 July 2017.

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The exhibition is part of the official Finland 100 centenary programme

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Studio Aleppo [Helsinki]                                                                               


الحديث عن المهاجرين غالباً ما يتركز على الأرقام الإحصائية وعلى الجنسيات وعلى تدفق الأخبار بشأن الكوارث الكونية. ولكن أي نوع من الناس أولئك الذين تشملهم تلك التعمیمات؟ أو كيف هم الفنلنديين؟

أستوديو حلب [هلسنكي] الذي يتم تنظيمه في المتحف الوطني هو عبارة عن جزء من سلسلة أحداث دولية، والهدف منه هو تعزیز أهمية التماهي والمساواة في الحوار المتعلق بالهجرة.

أستوديو حلب [هلسنكي] هو عبارة عن أستوديو صور - قافزة البوب أب (pop up)، حيث أنه يدعو لجمع الفنلنديين الجدد والقدامى معاً. المفهوم بسيط: كساكن محلي سوف تدفع 50 يورو عن صورتين تشكيليتين (مرسومتین) (بورتريه). إحدى الصورتين سوف تكون لك والصورة التشكيلية الثانية (بورتريه) تقدمها للمهاجر. سوف يتم عرض الصور المرسومة بالتوازي في معرض المتحف الوطني وأخيراً سوف نقوم بتجميع معرض من الصور المرسومة على الإنترنت. كل صورة تشكيلية تعتبر كلفتة رمزية، وتعبير عن الإرادة لخلق مستقبل جديد ومتساوي للجميع.

يعمل كمصور في الأستوديو المصور الحائز على المكافأة يووسو فيستيرلوند (Juuso Westerlund). من الممكن أن يأتي لتصويره تشكيلياً (بورتريه) الشخص العادي أو العائلة (كحد أقصى 4 أشخاص) أو الزوجين أو الأصدقاء أو الأطفال. سوف سيتم إجراء مقابلة قصيرة مع الأشخاص الذين سوف يتم تصويريهم تشكيلياً (بورتريه). من خلال التصوير فإن الأشخاص الذين سوف يتم تصويرهم يوافقون على عرض صورتهم التشكيلية (بورتريه) في معرض الصور وكذلك في معرض الصور على الإنترنت الذي سيتم نشره فيما بعد. سوف یحصل الأشخاص الذين سوف يتم تصويرهم على نسخة عن صورتهم.

إذا كان هناك عددا کبیرا من الذين يرغبون في تصويرهم، فإننا سوف نختار الأشخاص الذين سوف يتم تصويرهم من خلال القرعة. سوف نؤکد على تسجیل جمیع المسجلین شخصیا من خلال البريد الإلكتروني بعد 17/7/2017.

سجَل نفسك للتصوير:

KM arktisenhenkiENG

The Arctic Spirit

3 March – 31 December 2017, in the pop-up facility of the National Museum of Finland

The exhibition, opened in March, reflects the continuity and change of the cultures and life situations of Arctic indigenous peoples. The exhibition presents a collection of modern artists representing the Arctic peoples, focusing and commenting on both traditional and modern topics.

Artefacts from the old collections of the Museum of Cultures (Alaska, Greenland) are also showcased alongside works of art. The Arctic Spirit guides people to take an interest in big questions, such as the changes in nature and life situations. Since the 19th century, external circumstances have accelerated the changes in the ways of life and cultures of people in the Arctic, and today, climate change is also rapidly changing the environment. The melting of glaciers and permafrost affect not only the Arctic regions, but also the entire globe.

The exhibition is open in the pop-up facility of the National Museum of Finland from 3 March to 31 December 2017.

KM inspirationishere 927x348

Inspiration is here!

12 May–27 August 2017, in the pop-up facility of the National Museum of Finland

Five Finnish designers drew inspiration from the National Museum of Finland and Finnish history: the result is the National Museum's own collection, the Kansallismuseo Collection, consisting of products that reinterpret historical objects and make use of traditional Finnish materials. The collection will be showcased in a dedicated exhibition in the National Museum's pop-up facility from 12 May to 27 August 2017. 

Johanna Gullichsen
, Mari Isopahkala, Katriina Nuutinen, Julia Männistö and design duo Ensæmble, consisting of Alisa Närvänen and Elina Peltonen, drew inspiration from Finnish folklore and the collections and exhibitions of the National Museum of Finland, transforming prehistoric objects into scarf patterns and Finno-Ugric folk traditions into notebooks. In addition to this, the collection also includes a reinterpretation of a traditional birch bark backpack and a ring set with something far more important for Finns than a mere diamond: namely a tuft of reindeer fur.

The design of the exhibition is inspired by the museum world: the supporting structures are made out of forgotten treasures from the National Museum's collections, providing a whimsical reinterpretation of the museum and museum exhibitions.

The collection was designed in collaboration with the Helsinki New project and Juni Communication & Production.